Montoya is a curated workspace for an influential and creative collective, a nexus in which to develop connections and collaborations, and to realize ambitions. If you would like to become a partner, please fill in the following form, its just a few questions.

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Montoya’s goal is to create a space that inspires, an environment in which to discover, shape, and develop new ideas, and as each new partner brings to Montoya their own influences and ambitions, each takes away something equally unique. Therefore, with a commitment to form, function, and collaboration, every detail of Montoya is aimed at providing the flexibility and openness to meet the diverse needs of its partners.

Founders Skye Maunsell and Jordi Veciana understand how a space can be crafted to bring people and ideas together and are now utilizing their experience in architecture and design to build a home of creative inspiration in Barcelona.
+34 938 32 53 40

Ávila, 32
08005 Barcelona,

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